Chemical Disposal

Chemical waste can have a very wide meaning, and can range from toxic chemicals all the way through to general household cleaning products and everything in between.

We can offer complete chemical site clearances or regular scheduled collections for your waste streams, providing assistance n segregation, categorisation, labelling and advice on storage and additional hazardous that may be present.

We offer a variety of containers including clip top and screw top / vented drums in a variety of sizes and styles. Open or closed IBC’s are available, as too are pallet boxes, haz-boxes and packaging materials such as vermiculite. We can provide these prior to collections or on the day.

Most chemicals can be quoted for disposal by providing lists and accompanying MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) or pictures outlining the product labels, and if you have chemicals that are unknown, we are able to provide chemist visits, sampling and basic / full analysis to determine the waste prior to quoting and disposal.

Chemicals can be disposed of in a number of ways from recycling of raw materials through to incineration for renewable energy and bacterial disposals.

Please see below a basic list outlining the types of chemicals that you may come across and that we can dispose of…
  • Unused and surplus reagent grade chemicals
  • Intermediates and by-products generated from research & educational experiments
  • Batteries
  • Used oil of all types
  • Spent solvents – including water based
  • Mercury containing items
  • Photographic film processing solutions and chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Agro-chemicals
  • Gas cylinders
  • Empty or full aerosol cans
  • Chemically contaminated sharps
  • Finely divided powders
  • Contaminated syringes, needles, GC syringes, razor blades, pasteur pipettes, pipette tips
  • Equipment and apparatus containing hazardous waste
  • Toners and inks
  • Ethylene glycol
  • Paints
  • Preserved specimens
  • Custodial and industrial cleaners
  • Uncured Resins(Phenolic, Epoxy, Styrene, etc….)
  • Dye and glazes
  • Degreasing solvents
  • Brake/Transmission/Power Steering Fluids
  • And of course, many more
Hazardous Chemicals

“I recently took over a factory that had drums and other containers left behind from the previous tenant. I needed to dispose of these chemicals, however, had no idea how to go about it, since the majority of waste was not labelled and mixed in.

I contracted Haz-Stop and was put in touch with Ian, their senior chemist who quoted me on a chemist visit to sample, segregate and analyse the waste pre-quote. The rates were very reasonable so I accepted this offer and Ian came to site 2 days later. I think there was more waste than he expected, and despite it being a hot day, he soldiered on, wearing full protective clothing and respiratory equipment and spent the whole day on site. He did an outstanding job and even when I offered to help, he was more concerned about my welfare as I did not have the relevant protection than that of the hard work he needed to do.

In the end, all was ready for go. I’m so glad I called him in, and soon after the quotation came in for disposals which was very reasonable. Within a week, the site was cleared. I am unlikely to have any more hazardous waste as my business doesn’t involve the use of chemicals, however, if it ever did, I would be going back to Haz-Stop based on the service I received this time around.”

GF. Carnwaland
  • Fast response from your initial contact, followed by collection and provision of legal documentation
  • Assistance in locating locating MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets) and identifying labels
  • Guaranteed Collection Date
  • Segregation service offered
  • Provision of Hazardous Waste Consignment Note (Must be signed on day of collection)
  • Waste Hierarchy followed at all times
  • National Mainland UK coverage
Nationwide Service
Flexible Service – No Job Too Big Or Small
High Capacity Collection Facility
Collect In Our Vehicles – Safe and Reliable
Combined Collection Costs For Multiple Types Of Waste
Full Guidance On Safe Disposal Of Hazardous Waste

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