Haz-Box & Haz-Safe

Haz Stop has introduced our new Haz Stop-Haz Box service, a complete hazardous waste solution in a purpose built, safe and secure chemical resistant box.

Simply fill the box with your hazardous waste items (Limitations apply) and call us on our dedicated free phone hotline 0800 078 9580 and we’ll arrange to collect it, replace it with another empty box and provide legally compliant hazardous waste consignment note covering each waste type collected.

All hazardous materials are securely transported to a licensed treatment centre where a high priority is given to the recycling and recovery of all hazardous waste packaging materials.


Why use a Haz Box?

All companies have a legal responsibility to segregate hazardous waste from their general waste. Using a Haz Box provides a safe and convenient way of doing this, ensuring that your hazardous waste materials follow an approved disposal route.

What are the legal requirements?

The legislation covering England and Wales is the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005, SI 2005 No.894, whilst in Scotland it’s the Special Waste Regulations 1996, SI 1996 No972.

Are there many forms to fill in?

Just a declaration of what you’ve put in the box. Each Haz Stop Haz Box comes with a declaration form with a checklist of hazardous material types. Simply check off and record the amount of each type of waste and we’ll do the rest.

For any items not listed simply call us on our Freephone number 0800 078 9580 or email sales@haz-stop.co.uk and we’ll advise.

What if I’m not sure whether an item is hazardous or not?

We are here to help and support you, simply give call our Freephone number 0800 078 9580 or e-mail compliance@haz-stop.co.uk and we’ll advise you.

Where is best to store our Haz Box?

Hazardous materials should always be stored in a secure (lockable) cupboard away from sources of heat (radiators, electric/gas fires) and access should be managed by personnel with appropriate health and safety training.

What if I have a hazardous item that won’t fit in the box?

Call us on our Freephone number 0800 078 9580 or email our Sales Team at sales@haz-stop.co.uk and we’ll advise.

What do I do when the Haz Box is full?

Call our Freephone number 0800 078 9580 or log in to your customer portal and arrange a collection at the click of a button and we’ll arrange a convenient time to collect and replace it.



If your storage needs are that you require larger containers but still consider yourself a medium consumer of hazardous waste, then we are able to provide 660 Litre Lidded Pallet boxes and 660 or 1100 Litre Haz-Safes .

These are lockable containers and easy to manoeuvre as they are either on wheels or have the capability of hosting a pallet truck.

Haz Box
Haz Safes
Nationwide Service
Flexible Service – No Job Too Big Or Small
High Capacity Collection Facility
Collect In Our Vehicles – Safe and Reliable
Combined Collection Costs For Multiple Types Of Waste
Full Guidance On Safe Disposal Of Hazardous Waste

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